Off Road Towing Roadside Assistance

Off Road Towing provides more than just affordable roadside solutions, we give you peace of mind knowing that an experienced professional is on the way to help. So, whether you are a resident of the Big Island, Hawaii, or a valued visitor to our great island, you can always depend on Off Road Towing to get you out of any sticky situation.


Reliable Roadside Assistance

When it comes to finding someone to help you with your car or truck on the Big Island, obviously, you want a towing company that is reliable. But what does reliable really mean? At Off Road Towing, reliable means someone who does what they say they will do and will stick with you until the job is done. That’s us.

When you call us for towing or roadside service we’ll make every effort to arrive within the estimated time of arrival given and promptly provide you with the services you need. We’re located in Mountain View, Hawaii, but, for your convenience, have tow trucks stationed in Hilo, Hawaii.

At Off Road Towing Service, we provide you with peace of mind knowing that a knowledgable, experienced towing professional is on the way to provide you with whatever roadside solutions you’re looking for.


“Very Friendly and professional service!!!:) He’s the guy to call when you need help. Very dedicated to his job and takes care of his customer. No one could help us because we live in Hawaiian acres, but off road towing came without a problem and on time. HIGHLY recommend off road towing!!!! Thank you so much for your help, we really appreciate it!!:)”

“I went off a rocky incline, landing in a virtually inaccessible place, with no way of reaching the owner of the property myself. Jay picked me up from my hotel, drove to the crash location, managed to get in contact with the owner to get approval to go retrieve the vehicle in spite of how dismal I felt about the situation… Courteous problem solver who does the job with grace and ease. Thank again”

24 Hour Trusted Roadside Solutions

What most people are looking for from their insurance company is fast 24-hour emergency roadside assistance at reasonable rates. They’re looking for a battery jump start, a gas delivery or some other roadside assistance service that arrives in a timely manner.

What many don’t understand is that, for insurance companies to have the ability to offer these services they must seek out qualified tow company owners in every area in which their roadside assistance programs are offered. We suggest that, rather than paying extra for the services of a middle-man (the insurance company) you call us direct. 808-633-7623

At Off Road Towing we provide more than just flat tire changes, and fuel delivery, we also provide towing and accident recovery in some of the hard-to-reach places on the Big Island.


How Much Does It Cost For Roadside Assistance?

Let’s say you’ve been driving around the island enjoying the sights and you’re having so much fun that you run out of gas. Well, you have a couple of options available.

You could hike to the nearest gas station, buy a gas can and a couple gallons of gas, then hike back. And…depending on how far you were from the gas station, this could take you hours. Hours of time you could have spent enjoying your time on the Island. In this scenario, the costs would be considerable.

Option number 2 is to call Off Road Towing for gas delivery service. Once we hang up the phone with you, we’ll be on our way to your location in just a matter of minutes. You pay for the service call and the gas, and you’ll be back on your way in no time. You do the math. Our Roadside Assistance saves you time and money. And, if your car problems are more severe and a tow is required we’ll bring a tow truck along with us to solve that problem as well.



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Will My Roadside Assistance Insurance Plan Pay Your Tow Bill?

Many motorists take solace in the knowledge that having roadside assistance means they can avoid being gouged by unscrupulous towing companies. Thankfully, due to the advent of the internet and Google’s online review system, unscrupulous towing companies are becoming fewer and fewer. This is good news.

But, what still remains unclear is whether or not AAA, Geico, or any of the dozens of insurance company plans will pay your tow bill. With Off Road Towing there’s no need to worry, we’ll provide you with the towing and roadside services you need, and when you pay us directly we’ll provide you with an invoice you can submit directly to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Roadside Assistance Mountain View Hawaii


Have you rented a car and now find yourself stuck in a spot on the island where your insurance company will not cover you?  If that’s the case, you need a towing company who understands your situation and will work with you and your rental car company to provide a viable solution.   

Whether you need winching service, towing service, or any other type of qualified service your auto insurance company does not cover, we can help. Regardless of the circumstances, trust that no expense will be spared to ensure your safety and the proper handling of your vehicle. We’ll work with you until your vehicle is freed and provide whatever service, including towing, that’s required.


Do you have a vehicle or piece of equipment that needs to be towed or simply moved, but you’re not sure if we can do it? Fill out the form and we’ll be happy to give you a call to discuss it. But, hey, if you need faster service, just pick up the phone and call. 808-633-7623