Flatbed Towing Hilo Hawaii

Are you in Hilo, Hawaii, and require a tow truck? Preferably a flatbed tow truck? You’ve come to the right place.

Off Road Towing and Recovery provides towing and roadside assistance for those who live in Hilo, and to those who are vacationing here.

When vehicle breakdowns happen it can be frustrating. You need a trusted company on your side to help you out of whatever mess you’re in. Our professionally trained tow truck drivers provide you service with a smile and 24/7 tow services, tire changes, lockout services, and all kinds of other towing assistance. Trust in the pro’s, Off Road Towing and Recovery.

Emergency flatbed towing services? 

When you are stranded roadside, and you need a towing company to assist you, the best company to call is Off Road Towing and Recovery. We know your time is valuable. Every minute you sit roadside, the higher the likelihood that you may be involved in an auto collision. Distracted driving has become a big deal now, with people texting and driving. But, we’ve got your back.

Whether you have a flat tire or engine failure, Off Road Towing and Recovery will arrive as quick as is humanly possible and get you safely on your way again. Trust that our skilled operators have the experience to get you out of your unsafe predicament.

With this said, the best way to get emergency towing service is by picking up the phone and calling Off Road Towing and Recovery. Put our number in your contacts under “Towing.” We’re always available for all your roadside emergency needs.


How does flatbed towing work?

Which came first? Tow trucks or vehicles? Tow trucks have been around almost as long as cars. And, over the decades, towing methods have evolved.

One of the greatest methods of towing is the flatbed tow truck. The body of the tow truck has a hydraulic winch to pull the auto up onto the bed of the carrier and a hydraulic bed as well. As a result, the bed pulls out and tilts up to an angle where the bed comes in contact with the ground. Therefore, creating a smooth transition from the ground to the bed. With multi points to secure your vehicle, it is the surest way to tow your car safely and securely, damage-free. If your vehicle has been damaged heavily from an accident, a flatbed towing service is the safest option to transport your vehicle.

Which company has the best flatbed tow truck rates?

Along with, having qualified and certified drives with unmatched technical skills to get you out of any situation, Off Road Towing and recovery is the one to call in Hilo, Hawaii, for fast, friendly, and reliable service, all at the best rates.   Here at Off Road Towing, we love what we do, and you benefit from that. It makes us happy to help with their vehicle breakdown issues,  from towing a disabled vehicle to needing a winch.

Life requires having a dependable car to get you where you are going. But, sometimes, breakdowns do happen, and, the costs can be a bit overwhelming. That is why Off Road Towing and Recovery is committed to providing superior towing and roadside services that everyone can afford.

Which is the most reputable towing company?

There are many towing companies on the Big Island. But, none compare to Off Road Towing. In other words, we provide light duty service, which includes, roadside services and towing with a flatbed, it doesn’t matter if you drive a two-wheel-drive, four-wheel-drive, or even an SUV — It’s all done exceptionally well. We’re not tooting our own horn because we simply want your business, we are here to help you out.

You don’t have to take our word for it. Take a few moments and check out our reviews. That’s where you will see how committed we are to providing excellent service to each and every customer.

Thank you for considering us here at Off Road Towing. Remember, we’re here for all your towing and roadside assistance needs.