Fast towing Hilo, Hawaii?

Imagine you are sitting roadside due to a vehicle engine failure. Yes, the weather is gorgeous here in Hilo, so it’s not like your stranded in a snowstorm, but wouldn’t you rather be doing something to enjoy the beautiful weather, not sitting roadside waiting forever for your insurance company to find a tow truck to assist you?

Here at Off Road Towing, we believe your time is valuable. Not to mention, it is a dangerous sitting roadside. The longer you are sitting roadside, the higher the chance you will be involved in an accident. We truly understand every minute counts. Therefore, whether you have a vehicle breakdown, flat tire, or have been in an accident, you can always depend on Off Road Towing for fast, reliable service.

Fast towing services for my car?

Off Road Towing and Recovery is the most reliable towing company in Hilo, Hawaii.

The fastest way to get towing services for your car is to pick up the phone and call give us a call at Off Road Towing.

24-Hour Fast Service

Having a company you can depend on, no matter the time of day or not, is essential. When you call Off Road Towing and Recovery, you have that, a company that is willing and available to assist it with all your roadside breakdown issues. We believe that our ability to provide fast professional roadside service is what sets us apart.


Fast towing for emergencies.

Image out of nowhere while you are crossing through an intersection when you have a green light, another vehicle coming runs a red light and hits you on the side of your vehicle.

We know being in an accident is a harrowing experience. Especially if you don’t live here locally, and if you are not sure where to go or what to do. From the moment you call, our team is here to guide and assist you through this hard time. Your family’s safety is our utmost priority.

Off Road Towing is the one to call for all your motor vehicle accident recovery and emergency towing needs. No matter what you drive, whether you drive a pickup truck or a passenger car, we can help. If you like to ride motorcycles and your bike may have broken down, or you need emergency road service, trust that our tow truck operators have the experience you need to get your vehicle towed quickly and professionally. Regardless of the time of day or night, your phone call is important to us. Therefore when you call Off Road Towing and Recovery, you can rest assured you will be taken care of with the highest priority and with knowledgeable, caring staff who genuinely care about you. And if you need a ride home because your vehicle isn’t driveable or because you had to leave it at the auto shop, we will give you a ride home.


Our tow truck operators are qualified and certified to get you out of any given situation.


Off Road Towing and Recovery is fully insured for your safety. In fact, our coverage exceeds the minimum requirements. As a result, if there we’re to be a mishap while towing, your vehicle will be covered.

Looking for quick towing at reasonable rates?

You have come to the right place, Off Road Towing has the best rates in Hilo, Hawaii. Whether you need towing service or roadside assistance, you can count on us to charge a fair price no matter the time of day or night.

For fast, efficient service from a company that truly has your best interest in mind as well as a company that provides personable and professional service, give us a call, Off Road Towing and Recovery. Always going above and beyond for you.