Car Towing Hilo, Hawaii

Off Road Towing and Recovery is your towing solution provider in Hilo, Hawaii.

Unfortunately, vehicle breakdowns seem to happen at the worst possible moment. But, is there ever really a “good time” to have a vehicle failure? Whether you live in Hilo and have a breakdown on your way to work, or if you are visiting and the breakdown happens on your last day at this beautiful island, we can help. Unfortunately, you have to deal with the vehicle failure instead of seeing the last two sights on your list of places to check out while you’re here. Well, you can depend on Off Road Towing to get you back on track.

No matter your situation, our team of skilled tow truck operators, have seen it all. From the moment you call, our dispatchers are friendly and knowledgeable and will empathise with your position. After we receive your location information and what you need assistance with, we will dispatch a tow truck operator to your location immediately.

We provide 24-hour service, 365 days a year. So, not only are we reliable, but we will get out in the middle of the night to help you with all your roadside assistance needs. We’ve been providing car towing services and truck towing services on the Big Island for more than a decade now. And we are up to date on the latest towing techniques in the industry. We follow all of the safety procedures for a damage-free tow service. We carry full insurance for your safety. So, if there’s a mishap, you can rest assured you will be covered.

24-Hour Car Towing And Roadside Assistance

The 24-hour towing and roadside assistance services Off Road Towing provides in Hilo, Hawaii, is second to none. With our affordable towing and roadside service rates, as well as our knowledgeable drivers, we make it easy for you to choose us.

It doesn’t matter if you need a vehicle unlock, have a dead battery, or are out in the middle of nowhere stuck in a mudhole, Off Road, Towing has what it takes to get to you quickly and provide you with the roadside solution you are looking for. So, don’t hesitate any longer, give us a call for immediate assistance at Off-Road Towing and Recovery. We are your roadside assistance provider.


Car Towing Near Me

When you search for a towing company near you, many will show up in your search. But choosing the right company isn’t hard. Let me tell you about us here at Off Road Towing and Recovery. But first, we would like to thank you for taking the time to consider us for all of your towing and roadside assistance needs. We truly understand how frustrating it is to be stranded in your car roadside.

Because you need assistance, you will want a towing company that always has your best interest in mind. We’re concerned for your safety and believe in placing priority on your needs. Therefore, we will respond in full force to assist you in your unfortunate situation. We are committed to providing you with efficient, prompt, and dependable service at the best rates in Hilo, Hawaii. Our tow truck operators are both qualified and certified and have the technical skill to get you out of any situation. More than likely, if you are calling us, you’re having a bad day. That’s why we will do everything within our power to ease your nerves. Above all, we are here to help you, no matter the situation. You can always count on us.

In conclusion, we believe you can’t go wrong by calling us here at Off Road Towing and Recovery. Not to toot our own horn, but we provide superior towing service, quickly and professionally, and at a moment’s notice on this amazing Big Island in Hilo, Hawaii.

Off Road Towing The Car Towing Specialists.

The BEST  towing company in Hilo, Hawaii.

No matter what you drive, 2-wheel drive, 4-wheel drive, or an SUV, we can tow it here at Off Road. Don’t let me get started on our classic car towing abilities. With our light-duty towing services, which include flatbed tow trucks, we can handle all of your vehicle transport needs.

What, you ran out of gas? Or maybe you have a flat tire? No worries, we also providing amazing roadside assistance services as well. So, please don’t wait any longer and give us a call for all your towing and roadside needs.